IYLEP Undergraduate


IYLEP for undergraduate students is a four-week program that offers an opportunity to undergraduate students in Iraq to develop professional skills, expand their leadership capacity, build new understandings of civic engagement and diversity, and cultivate lasting relationships across the world.

If selected, participants will engage in a pre-program online course, attend a pre-departure orientation in Iraq, participate in an arrival orientation, travel to one of four Host Universities across the United States, and then travel to Washington D.C. for a closing conference. In addition, an alumni conference in early 2022 will be held within Iraq to assist alumni in furthering their goals.

Program Goals

  1. Develop skills in leadership and civic engagement among participants enabling them to be active change makers in their communities;
  2. Foster a respect for diversity and inclusion and a stronger understanding between participants of different ethnic, religious, and national backgrounds in Iraq and the U.S.; and
  3. Enhance professional skills to advance participantsā€™ careers and community service passions.

Program Components


Participants engage in an Online Professional & Academic Learning (OPAL) course. This course, which spans several weeks, is designed to prepare students for their time in the United States. About one month prior to the exchange, participants meet in their regions for a Pre-Departure Orientation workshop.

Week 1: Orientation (TBD)

Participants arrive in the United States at a yet-to-be-announced location and students will engage in academic, professional, social, and cultural activities.

Weeks 2-3: Host Universities in the U.S. (TBD)

The cohort breaks into four groups and spends two weeks with a host university in the United States. Each university will focus on leadership, civic engagement, and relevant issues while providing students with the opportunity to engage with American communities.<./span>

Week 4: Conference in Washington, D.C.

Full group reunites for program synthesis, professional development, and closing activities.

Post Program

Upon returning home, participants begin implementing the ideas they cultivated throughout the U.S. segment while preparing for the reunion workshop in early 2022.


IYLEP for undergraduate students is sponsored and funded by the U.S. Embassy, Baghdad. The United States government will pay for international transportation to and from the U.S., orientations, program and visa fees and administration, lodging and meals, some cultural activities, educational materials, accident andĀ sickness insurance, and a modest stipend. Participants will stay in university accommodations, hotels, and conference centers.

Participants are responsible for expenses related to the application process (copying, mailing, photographs, etc.), passport fees, and spending money for souvenirs and other items in the U.S.